Will any organization have automatic access to data without MOH approval?

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The only organizations that will have automatic access to data are the MOH and those with contractual obligations to report the data to USAID.  These are: 1) the lead coordinating NGO in the country for the USAID-funded NTD project, 2) the USAID-funded NTD project prime, 3) RTI/ENVISION through its data management role, and 4) USAID. 

The MOH is requested to specify other organizations that they wish to have access to the data.  These could include other NGOs that are working in the country, WHO regional offices and headquarters, APOC, drug donation programs, etc.  Once the MOH grants approval, these organizations will be required to sign a User Registration and Acknowledgement Form before they will have read-only access to the data.  (See “How can I get access to the database” for more details.)