What data are in the USAID NTD Database?

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The USAID NTD Database stores the following data, captured by countries supported through USAID’s NTD projects:

  • Districts endemic above treatment threshold, targeted and treated through preventive chemotherapy (PC), by disease
  • Persons at-risk, requiring PC, targeted and treated through PC with all funding and with USAID support, by disease
  • Coverage (geographic, program, epidemiologic, national), disaggregated by all funding and achieved with USAID support
  • USAID-supported training activities and results
  • Disease mapping activities and results, including progress towards mapping completion
  • M&E assessment activities and results
  • Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) reported during PC
  • Implementation of best practices for integrated NTD control/elimination, such as conducting a situation analysis, development of a multi-year plan of action, appointment of a national NTD focal person, etc.  
  • Summary of activities, diseases, and districts supported by USAID

ENVISION’s M&E team is drafting forms to capture additional results from other USAID-supported activities, such as disease-specific assessments, post-MDA coverage surveys, and morbidity management.  Once these forms are finalized and utilized, the data will also be stored in the USAID NTD database.