How does MOH indicate approval?

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MOH can indicate their approval of NTD data either online or using the Workbooks.  Once data are gathered and assembled through USAID’s data capture tools for the USAID-funded project, a notification email is sent to the MOH (with a copy to the sub-partner at the country level) for data review and approval by the designated MOH representative.  The MOH representative logs in with a unique username and password that is assigned to that individual.  After reviewing the data, the MOH indicates its approval in the online database.  Alternatively, once data are approved by ENVISION M&E team, the country-level sub-partner may print Summary worksheets from the Disease and Program Workbooks.  The designated MOH representative reviews the data and indicates approval by signing the Summary worksheet.  The sub-partner is responsible for scanning the printed, signed Summary sheet and sending it to the ENVISION M&E team via email.  The ENVISION M&E team will indicate the MOH’s approval in the database on the MOH’s behalf.